Vidgo’s Top Picks for Veterans Day 


With a red, white, and blue salute to veterans, along with their families and loved ones, we are commemorating Veterans Day with military shows, movies, and documentaries, now available live and on demand with Vidgo:  

Military Action Movies  

Conspiracy | On Demand | R  

When a marine returns from the battlefield, he must fight another battle on the home front. MacPherson (Val Kilmer) sets out to an Arizona border town to search for his friend and quickly steps into a hornet’s nest of betrayal and deceit. Also starring Jennifer Esposito and Gary Cole, he will stop an evil landowner at any cost, even if it means bringing hell to God’s country.  

Sniper | On Demand | R  

He’s a shadow, waiting for as long as it takes, somewhere in the Panamanian jungle. Starring Tom Berenger and Billy Zane, two snipers are on a mission to stop a government coup bankrolled by the drug cartel. With miles of experience between them, these men are fighting a war no army can win. But all it takes is a single bullet to take out the powerful and dangerous kingpin holding all the cards. One shot, one kill. 

Military Documentaries  

Pearl Harbor: The Heroes Who Fought Back | On Demand | NR 

In the attack that changed the course of history and reshaped American foreign policy, this documentary focuses on the sequence of events and aftermath that made heroes out of ordinary men. Get an in-depth look into the inspiring stories of the men that went above and beyond the call of duty for their country and comrades.  

Warrior POV | American Heroes Channel | Weekdays 11am/10c | TV-PG  

This military docu-series takes viewers on a journey to the frontlines of the battlefield, breaking down battles fought in wars throughout the decades, from Afghanistan to Vietnam and more. Close-quarters combat, firefights, troop tactics, and more are analyzed.  

Military Comedies  

M*A*S*H | TV Land | Weekdays 9am/8c | TV-PG 

Considered one of the best shows in the history of television, M*A*S*H was a landmark dramedy when it debuted in the early ‘70s. The honest portrayal of the Korean War combined with non-stop wisecracks and shenanigans of Hawkeye Pierce (Alan Alda) and an equally hilarious cast, this hit show broke the mold for military comedies.  

Marines, Let’s Go! | On Demand | NR  

While on leave in Japan, four privates leave behind the horrors of the Korean War and have the time of their lives when they find a little romance and some laughs. Starring Tom Tryon, David Hedison, and Tom Reese, get ready for a glory story of three fighting, frolicking, and fun-loving Marines.  

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