Seeing Stars


It’s common to see celebrities at NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL games.  Your chance of seeing a famous people increases during postseason play. Celebrities go to games for a lot of reasons.  Some are avid fans of their favorite teams and can be spotted at nearly every home game. Others may occasionally secure courtside seats to support their local team.

Celebs can also be superfans.  Spike Lee and Jack Nicholson have been Lakers and Knicks season ticketholders for decades. And, just like any other sports fan, stars take professional sports and their team of choice very seriously.  Sports Brief, an online sports media company, reported Denzel Washington and Spike Lee skipped the 95th Academy Awards to watch a Knicks-Lakers game.  

Some celebrities have personal connections with NBA players, coaches, or team owners, which gives them access to prime seats. Others may be at a game because they have endorsement deals with NBA teams or companies sponsoring the NBA.  Regardless of the reason, it’s evident that pro sports are a popular destination for stars.

Some of the more recognizable stars spotted at this year’s playoff games include:

NBA Celebrity Lineup:

Jack Nicholson

Kevin Heart

Snoop Dog

Leonardo DiCaprio

Matthew McConaughey

Chris Rock

Rob Lowe

Jessica Alba

Kim Kardashian


Dave Chapel

NHL Celebrity Roster:                                                                

Steve Carell

Mike Myers

Justin Bieber

Martha Stewart

Will Arnett

Mike Myers

Liam Neeson

John Krasinski

Stephen Colbert

Tim Robbins

Hulk Hogan

Dick Vitale

Shaquille O’Neal

Charles Barkley

Eli Manning

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