Something Old.  Something Gold.


It goes without saying that the Pandemic changed the way we get entertainment.  As a direct result of Covid, streaming became the most popular way to watch virtually any movie or tv show at the touch of a button. Streaming offered an unprecedented ease to view entertainment anywhere, anytime.

The younger demographic is always looking for something new. It is no different in the age of streaming. Data shows the highest number of users who stream daily belongs to the 18 to 34 years age group. Coming in second are streamers between 35 to 54 years of age.  55 years and above come in 3rd. With a younger audience, and understandably so, motion picture studios pivoted to a new release format. To a certain extent, that spelled the death of the classic, vintage, indie, and cult-classic motion pictures.

Vidgo recognizes the neverending demand for classics as part of its total streaming package. Vidgo’s on-demand library comprises genres of all kinds including hard-to-find movies from Hollywood’s Golden Age, even the B-movie. 

Actors like John Wayne and Jack Nicholson learned their craft in B movies. Some actors, such as Bela Lugosi, Eddie Constantine, Bruce Campbell, and Pam Grier worked in B movies for most of their careers. The Western was a Golden Age B movie staple, while low-budget science fiction and horror films became more popular in the 1950s. The B Movie will always have an enduring place in Hollywood motion picture history.

Vidgo has a massive selection of more than 35,000 hard-to-find Action/Suspense, Classics, Westerns, Horror and Cult-Classics you may not find on other streaming platforms. Vidgo’s DVR gives you the Freedom to be Entertained when it’s convenient for you.  It’s all included in your subscription. No add-ons, and no extras fees.


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