Springtime: A New Season to “Jingle”


In Spring, Christians worldwide observe Easter. Easter is one of the most recognized religious holidays where more than two billion people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Muslims celebrate Ramadan. Ramadan is a period of fasting and spiritual growth and is one of the five “pillars of Islam.”  The others being the declaration of faith, daily prayer, the giving of alms and the pilgrimage to Mecca. Jews observe Passover which commemorates the Biblical story of Exodus where God freed the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. 

I really look forward to the other annual holidays Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veteran’s Day, Presidents’ Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I am fond of Christmas for many reasons.

Aside from the important religious observations, Christmas is a time of year when I over consume Christmas-themed entertainment. I especially like the older flicks and the kid flicks.

Vidgo gives you the “Freedom to be Entertained” with seasonal options other streamers do not have this time of year: A full library of On Demand Christmas shows and movies. Vidgo’s “Christmas All Year Long,” is, well, your chance to enjoy Christmas content all year long. The category is in the VOD section of the Vidgo Home Page.

Vidgo gives you the Freedom to Entertain with more than 150 channels of live sports, news, and entertainment. Vidgo offers thousands of VOD shows and movies. Vidgo subscribers can watch most live news, sports, and entertainment.


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