15,000 Reasons To Watch This…


It’s no surprise how many streaming services there are to choose from. Covid-19 not only ramped up the number of streaming platforms out there, but also the sheer number of subscribers who hungered for sports, news, and entertainment. They came in droves.  So many choices. Streaming providers were coming out of the woodwork. Streaming fever blanketed the planet. It reminds me of an old game show where the winner would stand in a windy glass booth and grab as much money as they could in 60 seconds. The demand for streaming still exists, but the tide has turned.

More often than not, you have to subscribe to multiple providers just to pacify your list of streaming needs and wants.  One provides movies. The other provides sports or news. Why couldn’t we get everything bundled together? Covid changed they way we were entertained. Eventhough things have changed somewhat, we can now move about more freely. However, just as quick and fierce as the Covid tornado came, another storm came out of left field. Streamers, meet inflation. It affects our dollar. We work hard for the necessities of life. It causes us to scale back just to make ends meet.

Sonic from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

I searched for a solution.  Compared subscriptions.  What made the most sense for me and my budget? I didn’t want to sacrifice my freedom to be entertained.  I found Vidgo. Finally a service that delivers all the live sports, news, and entertainment for the lowest price.  It checked all the boxes. 

I found Vidgo. Vidgo offers a broad library of VOD TV and movie titles that are included in a subscription.  Vidgo has Cinedigm, the newest network of VOD content for Vidgo offering more than 15,000 movies, documentaries, and old-time classics.  There are movies to delight every audience. So many genres to choose from.

Cinedigm has 20 VOD channels to choose from including the Dove Channel, Bob Ross in English and Spanish, Bloody Disgusting, Screambox, Comedy Dynamics, ConTV, El Rey, So Real, The Only Way is Essex, The Elvis Pressley Channel, Midnight Pulp, Lonestar, Crime Hunters, Asian Crush, The Film Detective, and Retro Crush. Five more channels are coming soon: My Time Movies, RealMadrid.tv, Cocoro, KMTV, and ConTv Anime.  There are thousands upon thousands of unique movies titles the other streamers don’t offer. 

Vidgo gives you the Freedom to Entertain how, when, and where you desire.  You can watch Vidgo on Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, computer, IPhone, Android phone, tablet, and Chromecast.  Vidgo offers several packages.  The Ultimate Package has it all.  Some would say it’s like going to a Vegas buffet.  For one price, you can have it all.

This weekend, I’ll be watching the mystery/thriller The Ravine, the Rockumentaries about the Beatles and Billy Joel. Even the Lone Ranger. I’m saving the animated flick The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog…for a night with my grandkids of course.  

Vidgo offers 150+ LIVE channels and packages with the best live sports, news, entertainment, and local programming.      


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