This Given Sunday!


Today is day two of the weekend, at least if you are off on Saturday and Sunday.  As weekends go, most of the working world has two days off out of seven.  Whether it is Saturday and Sunday or two other days during the week, those two days are meant to recharge, find relief from a stressful work week, or possibly to pursue your favorite passion. 

The two-day concept may have started back in the 1920s when Henry Ford found giving his employees two days off out of seven enhanced the quality and quantity of the Ford product.  It was back in the 1940s when the Fair Labor Standards Act made the two days off official.

Without getting too far into the weeds, weekends for me aren’t always relaxing and tend to be days spent working in the yard, going to the grocery store, and/or running errands.  BUT, I still find time as a couch potato for some good ole’ me time.  This particular weekend happens to be filled with many entertainment options.  Options are a good thing. It gives us the freedom to choose how to be entertained.

The Super Bowl seems to be a popular choice.  Even if sports aren’t your pursuit of happiness, you can always watch the halftime show. This year features the iconic singer, actress, and model Rihanna. More than 100 million viewers, the most since Covid-19, are expected to tune in to the big game and gorge themselves on their favorite snack.  Personally, I choose a different snack for each quarter. It makes the game more enjoying, even if it’s a blowout. This year’s “Big Game” marks 57 years where the National Football League and the American Football League battle for bragging rights of being called World Champions.

Two powerhouse teams play today for the Vince Lombardi trophy: The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs.  When I was a kid, you turned on the TV when the game started.  Now, you can indulge in the pre-game coverage spanning hours before kick-off.  This year there will be no shortage of content.  The FOX pre-game begins at 11am ET with a Skip & Shannon Super Bowl Special, followed by the Road to the Super Bowl at Noon ET.  The FOX pre-game show leading straight up to the kick off, begins at 1p ET followed by the kick-off at 6p ET. More viewing means more snacks!

Now, keep in mind, football isn’t for everyone.  Vidgo, the Freedom to Entertain, has many leisurely options that will recharge the soul. Valentine’s Day is this Wednesday.  Vidgo has a vast library of passion-filled content.  But, the nice thing about Vidgo is not solely being restricted to watching a romantic flick.  There are other great options to satisfy any palate.  Here a just a few I watched this week:

“It Was Always You” -Elizabeth’s engagement plans are thrown into disarray when her fiancé’s free-spirited brother David returns home.  David’s unexpected influence prompts Elizabeth to question her decisions in this thoughtful, romantic movie.  It Was Always You airs Wednesday at 8p ET on The Hallmark Channel.

“Glass” -Security guard David Dunn uses his supernatural abilities to track Kevin Crumb, a disturbed man who has twenty-four personalities.  Glass stars Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson on Vidgo VOD.

Black History Month -ABC News and entertainment offers many relevant shows, specials, movies, and videos.

The Puppy Bowl –This bowl returns for its 19th year and features dozens of dogs and 3 cats frolicking on a mini football field.  The event isn’t just for entertainment, but also to encourage people to rescue dogs and cats from shelters.  All of the dogs and cats featured in the Puppy Bowl are up for adoption.  The Puppy Bowl airs Sunday at 2p ET on Animal Plant.


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