College Football Week 3: Recaps and Highlights  


Proving once again that college football is full of surprises and non-stop thrills on the field, week 3 of the season brought another series of jaw-dropping last-minute wins in the end zone, near upsets, and other significant shake-ups.  

Recap of the Day  

Barely beating unranked USF by a field goal, the Gators are still in the running for Bowl action but fans should be worried as they head into back-to-back matchups with top 10 teams. Along with a long list of problems, quarterback Anthony Richardson is the most glaring issue for the Gators. While he played like a Heisman contender for the season opener, he has shown a tendency to go hot and cold.  

As the scrappy comeback team, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The Gators may have had a close call with the Bulls but in the unpredictable world of college football, there’s always a chance they could find their sweet spot in offense and defense to upset SEC teams like #11 Tennessee in next week’s game.  

Game of the Weekend  

App State beat Troy by two points in an epic game-ending play that will go down in history as the most exciting Sun Belt Conference opener on record. It seemed like an impossible feat, but Chase Brice threw a 53-yard scoring touchdown pass to Christan Horn, pulling off a 32-28 victory in a cliffhanger game.

Play of the Day 

In arguably the gutsiest call of the weekend, Tulane coach Willie Fritz put his faith in a key moment that led to an upset win against Kansas State, their first loss of the season. Facing a fourth-and-1 from their own 24-yard line and 2 minutes remaining, Michael Pratt pulled off the biggest gamble of the day when he picked up a first down on a 2-yard run.  

Offensive Player of the Week 

It certainly helps that he’s on the #1 ranked Georgia, but Brock Bowers, TE, is an unstoppable beast in his own right. His athleticism was sensational as he showed incredible skill in week 3 of college football. With a combination of Olympic-level speed and the power of a bulldozer, the 6’4”, 230-lb football maverick caught five passes against the South Carolina Gamecocks, for a total of 121 receiving yards and two touchdowns.  

Cinderella of the Week  

With 12 straight seasons of three or fewer wins, the Kansas Jayhawks are the Cinderella of college football. After beating TN Tech, West Virginia, and Houston, they’re 3-0 and averaging 53 points per game, which puts them in third place nationally. In the ultimate test of their true dark horse status, all eyes are on their next game against Duke, another undefeated upstart.  

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