College Football Week 2 Recaps: Top Highlights  


In week 2 of 2022 college football, stadiums across the country were heating up with dramatic outcomes. Despite solid preseason predictions and week 1 report cards, college football proved to be as exciting and unpredictable as ever.  


Recap of the Day  

Early in the match-up, the Gators kept up the momentum as an underestimated team with a solid strategy against Kentucky. But QB Anthony Richardson couldn’t bounce back in the second half. Throwing several point-blank interceptions, he was clearly rattled by Kentucky’s defense as fans scratched their heads in disbelief.  

Game of the Weekend  

In a game that was supposed to be a blowout, Alabama got a major shake-up from Texas to barely win by one point. In a near-upset that no one predicted, Texas gave #1 Alabama a surprise man-on-man battle that tested their offense and defense. Once again, college football defies impressive statistics and standings and reveals the determined and impassioned spirit of the underdogs.  

Play of the Day 

Trailing Buffalo at 27-1 in the second half, the Crusaders surprised everyone and came back to tie the game. But not satisfied with going into overtime, Holy Cross lived up to their name and made a last-minute miracle on the field with an epic Hail Mary, winning the game 37-31.  

Biggest Celebration of the Weekend  

Passion runs high in college football but even more so with Appalachian State. With a history of upsetting top 10 teams, the Mountaineers came through on their reputation by holding the Texas A&M offense to under 200 total yards and two forced turnovers. 

Trolls of the Week  

While Texas QB Quinn Ewers was enduring a heroic battle against Alabama, including a painful clavicle injury and an equally painful one-point loss, a tow truck driver towed his car. Making a trip to the junkyard after a brutally close loss to The Crimson Tide certainly qualifies as a top-ranking walk of shame. Hopefully for Texas fans and the beaten-down QB, next time it will be a walk of fame.  

Meanwhile, Georgia Southern boasted their win by mocking Nebraska with a photo of an eagle destroying a corn husk: 

Awwww shucks, there’s always next week.   

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