2022 NFL Preseason Roundup  

www.allproreels@gmail.com -- from the Washington Football Team vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers at FedEx Field, Landover, Maryland, January 9, 2021 (All-Pro Reels Photography)

The top 5 headlines going into the 2022 NFL season.  

It might be wishful thinking to assume projections for the upcoming 2022 NFL season are on solid ground, although many fans are already placing their bets and filling out fantasy football rosters. But the last few weeks of preseason games, recent roster cuts, and new contracts have shaken things up considerably and it’s time once again to recalibrate. As we head into the 2022 NFL season, here’s what to expect after a flurry of preseason action: 

  1. Geno Smith Named Seattle Seahawks QB  
Seahawks Preseason: Wikimedia Commons

In what could be an epic underdog story or a no-win season failure, Geno Smith gets a second chance as the Seahawks quarterback. The lowest ranked quarterback in the Athletic’s annual QB Tiers, he has a lot to prove after a lackluster preseason performance.  

A successful game-winning season for the Seahawks comes down to Smith’s downfield passing action. If he can balance conservative plays with the maverick mentality of his early days as a young passer, the Seahawks have a chance to pull off one-on-one matchups in the red zone.  

  1. Denver Broncos Extend Russell Wilson’s Contract  
Russell Wilson: Wikimedia Commons

In a blockbuster contract worth $296 million, the new owners of the Broncos fortify their efforts to secure Wilson, a top-performing quarterback, for the next seven seasons.  

After several years of instability with different quarterbacks, a long-term commitment from Russell Wilson falls in line with head coach Nick Sirianni’s tried-and-true strategy of building up an offense around a talented quarterback. And Wilson checks off all the boxes with a long list of impressive statistics, including 3,113 yards and 25 touchdown passes in 2021.  

  1. Washington Commander’s Offense Gets a Boost from Brian Robinson  
Washington Football Team vs. Los Angeles Chargers: Wikimedia Commons

Robinson, the rookie drafted in the third round from Alabama, gets a major shakeup as he recovers from gunshot wounds to the lower extremities in an attempted robbery. But the injuries are non-life threatening and he’s expected to make a full recovery and be back on the field sooner than later.  

After he recovers from his injuries, Robinson has the potential to be a reliable part of the Commander’s offense. The fact that he made the final roster cut speaks volumes, especially looking at his performance last season as Alabama’s running back with 1,343 yards and 14 touchdowns on 271 carries.     

  1. Julio Jones Adds Depth to Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s Offense 
Julio Jones: Wikimedia Commons

With Rob Gronkowski retiring, wide receiver Julio Jones has big shoes to fill. But moving forward from Gronk, the coaching strategy is to create new plays and exploit Tom Brady’s well-established talent as one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Under a one-year contract with the Buccs, Julio Jones could be a breakout player after a mediocre performance with the Titans last season.  

Overall, Jones has had an impressive career, making him a good choice for boosting the depth of the Buccaneer’s offense. The five-time All-Pro and a top receiver in the NFL, Jones has his heart set on a Super Bowl appearance, and once he returns to the field, he’s well on his way. 

  1. Philadelphia Eagles Earn Top Ranking Offensive Line  
Philadelphia Eagles Offense: Wikimedia Commons

The Pro Football Focus analysts have named the Philadelphia Eagles the top-ranking offensive line in the league, which is no surprise considering the team’s tradition of building a strong offense from the inside. It comes down to the strategic positioning of above-average players, particularly Jordan Mailata and Lane Johnson, the dream team of tackle duos.  

Along with Kelce, a 2021 All-Pro, and Dickerson’s excellent performance last year as a left guard, they also have a solid amount of depth thanks to a lineup of reliable talent ready and waiting on the bench. While their offensive line is as good as it gets, the Eagles still face challenges with other top-ranked offensive lines in the NFC East, including the Cowboys, Commanders, and Giants. 

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