2022 MLB Teams to Watch in the Playoffs Race 


September is finally here, which means that the regular season is of MLB is now in the rearview mirror with the postseason slated for October 7th. While division and wild card races in the American League and National League are up in the air, we can still make predictions based on how the teams are playing, their rosters, and the difficulty of their schedules. Regardless of which teams make the playoffs this season, the statistics of some teams are inching closer towards breaking historic records, making 2022 one of the most exciting MLB seasons to date.  

What Records Can the 2022 Los Angeles Dodgers Break?  

This season, the Los Angeles Dodgers have earned their #1 power ranking thanks to an impressive performance during the regular season. Statistics notwithstanding, the Los Angeles Dodgers are good at winning baseball games and this could make them one of the best teams of all time.  

This comes as no big surprise since historically, the Dodgers have been a dominant team in Major League baseball for the last 5 years. They need to go 20-17 with 107 wins to set the record and at their current pace, they are well on their way. On track to their 10th straight postseason appearance with 113 wins and a .696 win percentage, the 2022 Dodgers could easily make the top rankings of pro baseball. 

Are the 2022 Mets the Best New York Team?  

Edwin Díaz pitching, Aug. 13, 2022: Wikimedia Commons

Yankee fans might not want to hear it, but the Mets have surpassed them with 15 wins and 17 games this season, giving them the second-best record in the majors and a huge division lead. Prospects are looking suitable for playoff potential, with top standings at the end of the regular season at 82-47. With the return of Carlos Carrasco and Tylor Megill, along with an easier schedule against Atlanta and the Brewers, many are projecting them as the winner of the National League East.  

The Yankees Are Coming Back to Life  

The Yankees have struggled throughout the regular season, marked by a brutal 12-25 record between July 9th and August 20. The pitching staff injuries certainly didn’t help the defense, but they been given a much-needed boost with slugger Giancarlo Stanton finally off the injury list. Now they have an eight-game winning streak, a good sign that they are finally out of their painful slump.  

Yankees Projected to Take American League East  

Despite a historic 61-23 record, which puts them at a 15.5 game advantage over the Rays, there’s still a reason to exercise caution with the Yankees, considering their American League wild-card loss in 2021. Plagued by near-misses and a bad defense, the Yankees face an uphill battle to make the playoffs this year. Even so, they’re coming out of their zombie apocalypse with top standings at 78-50, giving them plenty of momentum to win the American League East. 

Rays Take the Lead in the American League Wild Card Race  

Luke Bard, June 8, 2022: Wikimedia Commons

Despite their top standings at 70-57 as the lead in the American League wild-card race, the Rays have a few factors working against them. For one, they have a difficult schedule, and Wander Franco is still on the injury list without a set return date. Meanwhile, the Blue Jays are unpredictable as they run hot and cold at 68-58, giving the Rays another boost to win the American League. 

The Final Score  

For pro baseball fans with their eyes glued to statistics, the 2022 season has been full of excitement, especially as the Yankees, Mets, and Dodgers step up to the plate of historical greatness. With impressive numbers built up by these top-ranking teams, you can expect some nail-biting heavyweight matchups in the playoff race leading up to the World Series.  

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