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Calling all news addicts! Whether you’re interested in politics, world news, entertainment, finance, or sports, you’ll find a schedule of all-day news programming in the Vidgo News Watch Guide. Happy Streaming! 


Hannity with Sean Hannity | 14 Seasons | Fox News | Weeknights 9/8c 

The favorite right-wing flamethrower of Fox News, Sean Hannity isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind. Tune in and get up to speed on the latest Washington spin cycle, and why Americans should be outraged. Hannity talks to Washington insiders and gets to the bottom of recent shakeups in the political world.  

On Balance with Leland Vittert | 1 Season | NewsNation | Weeknights 7/6c  

Irreverent, intellectual, and balanced, anchor Leland Vittert hosts a panel of experts and asks thoughtful questions about the top stories of the day. This daily news program gives viewers in-depth insight into the biggest headlines affecting the nation.  

Real America with Dan Ball | 1 Season | OAN | Weeknights 8/7c  

A rallying cry for conservatives and heartburn for liberals, host Dan Ball interprets the latest headlines through the right-wing perspective, including a rotating panel of guests like popular pundits, celebrities, and newsmakers.  

Zoom In with David Matlin | i24 News | Weeknights 11/10c  

Veteran journalist David Matlin delivers the top stories affecting the Middle East and Israel, as well as headlines from around the globe.  

World News  

ABC World News Tonight with David Muir | ABC | Weeknights 6:30/5:30c  

ABC NEWS – David Muir. (ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua) DAVID MUIR

Featuring exclusive interviews and in-depth, on-location reporting, award-winning journalist David Muir brings you the top national and global headlines of the day. Tune in every evening and get a balanced view of the latest news from a team of veteran producers and a seasoned anchor.  

National Report with Shaun Kraisman and Emma Rechenberg | Newsmax | Weekdays 9am/8c  

Live from NewsMax studios in Manhattan, hosts Shaun Kraisman and Emma Rechenberg bring top headlines of the day to the heartland. Start your day with a roundup of headlines affecting Washington, Hollywood, and the financial markets.  

Jesse Waters Primetime | 2 Seasons | Fox News | Weeknights 7/6c  

Featuring Jesse Waters, the knight in shining Armani, every evening he delivers a fresh take on the latest headlines from mainstream media, including panel discussions with passionate and fearless right-wingers such as Matt Walsh from the Daily Wire and conservative radio host Buck Sexton.  

Al Punto con Jorge Ramos | 4 Seasons | Univision | Sundays 10am/9c  

Seasoned news anchor Jorge Ramos delivers the top stories affecting the Hispanic community and beyond, including in-depth interviews, expert panels, and on-location reporting.  


Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo | 8 Seasons | Fox Business | Weekday mornings 10/9c  

Get a jump start on your day with a morning dose of intelligent business analysis from Maria Bartiromo, the finance expert of the Fox Business network. Featuring industry titans and economic expert panels, get the inside scoop on Washington shake-ups and market moves in the world of finance.  

Cheddar Closing Bell with Brad Smith, Hena Doba, and Nora Ali | Cheddar News | Weekdays 2pm/1c 

Stay on top of your stock portfolio with closing stock market trends and after-hours earnings. Closing Bell hosts also feature the latest stories in tech and national news.  


Skip and Shannon Undisputed with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe | 6 Seasons | Fox | Monday mornings 9:30/8:30c  

Get an irreverent, behind-the-scenes look into the latest sports headlines when Skip and Shannon share their opinions of recent drama both on and off the field. Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee Shannon Sharpe won’t back down when the debate gets heated, but luckily host Jenny Taft can run interference and call a time out.   

Contacto Deportivo with Lindsay Casinelli and Jorge Calvo | TUDN | Weeknights 11/10c  

For soccer fans, the beloved sport is more than a game – it’s life itself, and when a league achieves athletic excellence on the field, it represents the pride of an entire nation. Get a kick out of the latest analysis of top plays and headlines involving soccer, the world’s most popular sport.  

MLB Tonight with Bob Costas | MLB Network | Weekdays 6:30pm/5:30  

This season, hit a home run with your game-watching goals when you tune in to the top news and analysis of daily games.  

NHL Tonight with Scott Braun | NHL Network | Weekdays 6pm-11:30/5-10:30  

Call all the shots when you catch up on the highlights of daily pro hockey games, including expert analysis and the latest off-the-field news.  


Wake Up With Cheddar with Baker Machado and Hana Ostapchuk | Cheddar News | Weekdays 7-9am/6-8c  

Jumpstart your morning with stories about eye-opening cultural trends in entertainment, plus game-changing innovations and other news-worthy topics.  

News Café with Alberto Sardinas | Univision | Weekdays 1pm/12c  

Get your mid-afternoon dose of celebrity gossip and other headlines affecting the Hispanic community and beyond.  

TMZ with Harvey Levin | Fox | Weekdays 6:30pm/5:30c  

If you’re looking for celebrity gossip and the latest entertainment news, TMZ delivers an off-the-cuff analysis of all the happenings concerning the most famous celebrities and influencers.  

Looking for more content? The Stream Team has covered all the bases with more watch guides on the Vidgo blog The Stream 

Along with a long list of news programs covering a wide range of interests, Vidgo subscribers can also enjoy 110+ channels, thousands of on-demand titles, and the best in LIVE sports! 


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