Univision Network Watch Guide   


The top network for Spanish-language programming, Univision is now available at Vidgo, giving subscribers access their most popular channels. From live soccer and news to music, drama, and comedy, there’s something for everybody to enjoy.  


  • UniMas – A popular Spanish-language channel for drama series, live soccer games, and reality shows.  
  • Galavision – Features trending comedy, animated, and drama series.  
  • TUDN – The world’s number one headquarters for soccer.  
  • FOROtv – An on-trend streaming destination for popular drama series, family comedies, and news.  
  • Telenovelas – The top streaming destination for passion, dramatic plotlines, and impossibly gorgeous actors.  
  • Bandamax – The trending Spanish language channel for celebrities, comedy shows, reality, and more. 
  • De Pelicula Clasico – Discover a classy and elegant world in black and white but filled with colorful elements like intense drama, retro fashion, and iconic Hispanic actors.  
  • Telehit Musica – Jam out to a non-stop playlist of Spanish-language songs, from chart-topping hits to classic tunes that bring on nostalgia. 


Here’s a preview of shows that cover a wide range of interests:  

Love Junkies & Romantics   

Call it fake love or inspirational, hate it or love it, but the fact remains that telenovelas are the most-watched programs on the Univision Network. Tune into the Univision TL Novelas and UniMas channels for your everyday fix of intrigue, high-stakes drama, and tears of passion, plus lots of good hair and gorgeous cheekbones.  

Mi Fortuna Es Amarte | Univision TL Novelas | 1 Season | Weeknights 9pm/8c | TV-14  

Photo courtesy Univision Network

La fuerza del destino | UniMas | 1 Season | Weekdays 12pm-2/11am-1c | TV-14  

Photo courtesy Wikipedia

La Rosa de Guadalupe with Susana Lozano and Karol Sevilla | 3 Seasons | Mon-Fri 7/6c |TV-G 

Photo courtesy Univision

Carita de Angel with Lisette Morelos and Miguel de Leon | Univision TL Novelas | 1 Season | Weekdays 2pm/1c | TV-14  

Photo courtesy IMDb

Sports Fans  

Need a good kick in the grass? If you love soccer, get ready to jump off the couch and lose your mind when your team miraculously scores a goal. Featured on TUDN and UniMas, watch the most comprehensive coverage of LIVE World-Cup qualifying games, plus expert analysis, and sports headlines, now available on the Univision Network at Vidgo. 


Photo courtesy TUDN

LIVE World Cup Qualifying Games | TUDN | Weekdays Select Times | TV-G 

LIVE World Cup Qualifying Games | UniMas | Weekdays Select Times | TV-G  

Contacto Deportivo with Lindsay Casinelli and Jorge Calvo | TUDN | Weeknights 11pm/10c | TV-PG 

Class Clowns  

Laughter is the best medicine, so get your daily IV of giggle-worthy streaming with these trending programs on Univision.  

Faisy Nights with Faisy and Michelle Rodriguez | UniMas | Tuesdays and Thursdays 11pm/10c | TV-PG 

Photo courtesy Univision

Nosotros los Guapos with Ariel Miramontes and Malillany Marin | Univision | 4 Seasons | Weekdays 12:30pm/11:30c | TV-PG  

Photo courtesy Wikipedia

La Vecina with Esmeralda Pimentel and Juan Diego Covarrubias | Galavision | 1 Season | Weekdays 3pm/2c | TV-PG  

Photo courtesy Univision

Vecinos with Eduardo Espana and Mayrin Villanueva | Galavision 11 Seasons | Weeknights 7pm/6c | TV-PG  

Photo courtesy Univision


For doomscrollers glued to their phones, switch it up with Univision and get your daily dose of world news, celebrity gossip, and other game-changing headlines impacting the Hispanic community and beyond.  

News Café with Alberto Sardinas | Univision| Weekdays 1pm/12c | TV-PG  

Photo courtesy Univision

Lo Mejor de Despierta America with Raul Gonzalez and Jessica Rodriguez | Univision | Weekdays 7am/6c | TV-PG 

Photo courtesy Univision

Al Punto con Jorge Ramos | Univision | 4 Seasons | Sundays 10am/9c | TV-PG 

Photo courtesy Univision

Primer Impacto with Pamela Silva Conde and Michelle Galvan | Univision | Weekdays 5pm/4c | TV-PG 

Photo courtesy Univision

Whimsical Old Souls  

If you’re in the mood to feel nostalgic, rediscover the films from the Golden Age of Mexico with De Pelicula Clasico, a popular Univision channel that brings a daily showcase of classic Spanish-language movies from the 30s, 40s, 50s, and ’60s. Cry, laugh, and be inspired when you watch these iconic Spanish-language actors in retro dramas and comedies.  

Detectives o Ladrones with Manuel ‘Loco’ Valdez and Cynthia Mandan | De Pelicula Clasico | Weekdays 1:40pm/12:40c | TV-PG 

Photo courtesy IMDb

Angelica with Alberto Mariscal and Esperanza Issa | Weeknights 10:20pm/9:20c | TV-PG 

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Soledad with Rene Cardona and Elena Contla | Weekdays 3:10pm/2:10c | TV-PG 

Photo courtesy IMDb

El Gran Calavera with Fernando Soler and Rosario Granados | Weeknights 8:35pm/7:35c | TV-PG  

Photo Wikimedia Commons

Dancing Queens  

Calling all dancing queens and party animals! You always must fight for your right to party and have fun. So regardless of the virtual and IRL insanity of the modern world, never forget to turn up the volume and keep dancing and prancing to your favorite jams on TeleHit Musica.  

Hot Songs with Adina Burak and Ceci Flores | TeleHit Musica | Weekdays 5:30pm/4:30c | TV-PG 

Photo courtesy Telehit Musica

Retro Vibes with Raul Gemeneses and Barbara Islas | Telehit Musica | Weeknights 9pm/8c | TV-PG 

Photo courtesy Telehit Musica

Okay Pop | TeleHit Musica | Weekdays 5:30pm/4:30c | TV-PG 

Photo courtesy Telehit Musica

Jelly Fish | TeleHit Musica | Weekdays 6pm/5c | TV-PG 

Photo courtesy Telehit Musica

Looking for more sports and entertainment programs to stream? Check out other channel watch guides and articles on our blog The Stream.  

Along with the best Spanish-language entertainment and LIVE sports content from the Univision Network, Vidgo subscribers also have access to 14,000+ on-demand titles, local programming, and 110+ channels


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