Hallmark Watch Guide: Holiday Entertainment, Trending Shows, and Classic TV  


Family-friendly holiday entertainment for everybody: comedies, dramas, classic shows, and more. 

When you tune in to one of the Hallmark channels available at Vidgo, you can expect a wide range of content that the whole family can enjoy. From holiday comedies and dramas to trending shows and classics, here is a snapshot of the current lineup:  


  • Hallmark Channel – Enjoy popular original programming from Hallmark, the heart of Christmas entertainment, and more.  
  • Hallmark Drama – Get the popcorn and tissues ready for an evening of drama that really pulls at the heartstrings.  
  • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries – These edge-of-your-seat shows will keep you guessing with jaw-dropping plot twists and turns. 


Holiday Comedies   

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love. 

Hamilton Wright Mabie, American essayist

In Merry Measure with Patti Murin and Brendan Penny | Hallmark Channel | See Full Schedule Here | TV-PG 

Photo courtesy Hallmark Channel

When pop star Darcy (Patti Murin) returns to her hometown for Christmas, she reignites a friendly feud with her longtime rival Adam (Brendan Penny). She starts out as a jingle lady with her Christmas caroling group but soon sings a different tune as the rivalry turns into a real romance. Mistletoe anyone?

The Royal Nanny with Rachel Skarsten and Dan Jeannotte | Hallmark Channel | See Full Schedule Here | TV-PG 

Photo courtesy Hallmark Channel

This holiday season, no mission is impossible for Claire (Rachel Skarsten), an MI5 agent working undercover as a nanny for the royal family. But while she works hard to keep the family safe, she must work even harder to resist falling for the charming Prince Colin (Dan Jeannotte).

About Christmas at the Golden Dragon with Kara Wang and Antonio Cupo | Hallmark Channel | See Full Schedule Here | TV-PG  

Photo courtesy Hallmark Channel

With their family’s landmark Chinese restaurant on the brink of closing down, a group of siblings and their loved ones get a shake-up that forces them to reevaluate what is really important – a family that sticks together.

Three Wise Men and a Baby with Paul Campbell, Tyler Hynes, and Andrew Walker | Hallmark Channel | See Full Schedule Here | TV-PG 

Photo courtesy Hallmark Channel

Get ready for joyful chaos and holiday hilarity when three brothers discover a baby and take care for him during their Christmas vacation. What could possibly go wrong?

Holiday Dramas  

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. 

Marcel Proust, French novelist

Our Italian Christmas Memories with Beau Bridges and Sarah Power | Hallmark Movies & Mysteries | See Full Schedule Here | TV-G 

Photo courtesy Hallmark Channel

In a heartwarming holiday drama, one family comes together for their grandfather suffering from dementia. When the siblings gather around the table for Christmas, they recreate their grandmother’s beloved pasta sauce in an effort to jog his memory.   

Classic Shows

The Golden Girls with Betty White, Bea Arthur, Estelle Getty and Rue McClanahan | 7 Seasons | Hallmark Channel | Weeknights 10-11:30/9-10:30c | TV-PG 

Photo courtesy Hallmark Channel

A favorite show for generational bonding, viewers of all ages will have fun watching a group of wise-cracking seniors as they grapple with life, love, and other daily mishaps.  

Little House on the Prairie with Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert | 9 Seasons | Hallmark Drama | Weekdays 4pm-9pm/3-8c | TV-G 

Photo courtesy Hallmark Channel

Set against the rustic landscape of Walnut Grove, Minnesota, follow one family as they work together to overcome poverty, illness, and other challenges of life in the 1880s.  


Murder is always a mistake – one should never do anything one cannot talk about after dinner.  

Oscar Wilde

Monk with Tony Shalhoub and Traylor Howard | 8 Seasons | Hallmark Movies & Mysteries | Weekdays 4pm/3c | TV-PG  

Photo courtesy Hallmark Channel

After the unsolved murder of his wife, Adrien Monk develops a germophobic form of OCD, causing him to lose his job as homicide detective at the San Francisco Police Department. But his obsession with germs doesn’t stop him from solving crimes, thanks to the help of his former boss – and lots of hand sanitizer.  

Signed, Sealed, Delivered with Kristen Booth and Eric Mabius | 1 Season | Hallmark Movies & Mysteries | Weeknights 7pm-11 | TV-PG

Photo courtesy Hallmark Channel

Get ready to go postal when you follow the dramatic adventures of post office detective Oliver O’Toole (Eric Mabius) and his dedicated team. Working hard to track down people that never received letters or packages, Oliver and his crew use the postal service to save lives, solve crimes, and change futures.  

Murder, She Wrote with Angela Lansbury and Jessica Walter | 12 Seasons | Hallmark Movies & Mysteries | Weeknights 11pm/10c | TV-PG 

Photo courtesy Hallmark Channel

For the villains plotting and scheming, they better not commit murder if Mrs. Fletcher is nearby. Played by the iconic legend Angela Lansbury, mystery novelist Jessica Fletcher dusts off her blazer and always catches the murderer in 45 minutes or less.  

Diagnosis Murder with Dick Van Dyke and Shelley Long | 8 Seasons | Hallmark Movies & Mysteries | Weekdays 11am-2pm/10-1pm | TV-PG  

Photo courtesy Hallmark Channel

Follow Dr. Mark Sloan (Dick Van Dyke) as he gives each of his patients a diagnosis while also moonlighting as an amateur sleuth. Using a combination of medical knowledge and traditional deduction, Dr. Sloan never misses an opportunity to help out the police department with tough cases.  

Along with premium channels like ABC, ESPN, Fox, FX, BET, and more, Vidgo subscribers have access to all the channels in the Hallmark network. A Vidgo subscription also includes the best sports, news, and Latino programming with 14,000+ on demand titles, and 150+ channels.

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