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News, sports & entertainment: Fox has something for everybody to enjoy 

Whether you’re a right-wing ‘doomscroller’, enthusiastic sports fan, or just looking for a range of entertaining content like critically-acclaimed dramas or popular comedy shows of the ‘less concern’ variety, here’s a snapshot of trending shows, live sports, and news programs on Fox, one of the most popular premium channels at Vidgo:  


  • FOX LOCAL – Enjoy popular programs ranging from drama series, sitcoms, plus local news and sports games. 
  • FOX NEWS LIVE – Get the inside scoop on the latest right-wing talking points with in-depth political analysis from your favorite talking heads.
  • FOX BUSINESS LIVE – A popular nationally broadcast channel that features the top business and finance experts.  


SPORTS College Basketball, Skip & Shannon: Undisputed 
NEWS Fox & Friends, Tucker Carlson Tonight, Varney & Co, The Ingraham Angle 
ENTERTAINMENT Family Guy, 9-1-1 Lonestar, The Big Bang Theory, Rachael Ray 



“If someone’s not attacking you that means you’re not doing your job effectively.” 

Sean Hannity

Hannity with Sean Hannity | 14 Seasons | FOX News Live | Weeknights 9/8c  

Photo Courtesy Fox Network

Americans are sick of being lied to and Sean Hannity is outraged, especially when it comes to the do-nothing Democrats and Biden administration. Through in-depth political analysis and discussions with Washington insiders, Hannity gives you a free-wheeling, impassioned breakdown of exactly why the country is headed in the wrong direction.   

Feature Highlights: Hannity talks with top political experts to weigh in on the latest headlines from Washington including Senator Lindsay Graham, Tulsi Gabbard, and others. 

Fox & Friends with Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and Ainsley Earhardt | 13 Seasons | FOX News | Weekday mornings 6/5c 

Photo Courtesy Fox Network

Start your day with the hosts of Fox & Friends as they cover the latest headlines in Washington. Liven up your morning routine with their fun banter and exclusive interviews with newsmakers and entertaining correspondents. Whatever the day, it’s always the same battle between the left and right. But the question is: Who is going to come out on top? Host Ainsley Earhardt will bet her blonde highlights that the do-nothing Democrats will fail every time.  

Feature Highlights: Get a dose of President Trump and his favorite talking points, Senator Hawley and his analysis of Washington dust-ups, along with the latest polls on Americans and how they feel about the state of the union. 

The Ingraham Angle with Laura Ingraham | 6 Seasons | Fox News | Weeknights 10/9c 

Photo Courtesy Fox Network

Hosted by the favorite Fox News firebrand Laura Ingraham, tune in to The Ingraham Angle and get a breakdown of overlooked issues in Washington that are causing major turmoil. When it comes to the Biden administration, Ingraham hedges her bets that the watchdogs are more like slap dogs, and they are working to strip Americans of their basic liberties.   

Feature Highlights: Political news anchor Laura Ingraham asks her rotation of correspondents tough questions about Washington double standards, including a preview of what to expect from the Biden Administration and exclusive interviews with former President Trump. 

Tucker Carlson Tonight with Tucker Carlson | 7 Seasons | FOX News Live | Weeknights 8/7c 

Photo Courtesy Fox Network

Every evening the fearless and thought-provoking Tucker Carlson dusts off his bowtie and takes on the PC babies and woke snowflakes, one headline at a time. If mainstream media is lying to you, Carlson and his expert panel give it to you straight. And there’s no subject that’s off-limits with the stalwart sweetheart of Fox News and the Republican party.  

Feature Highlights: Tucker and his experts weigh in on America’s bad marriage between blue and red states. Is it time for Republicans to ask for a divorce? Tucker is ready to flame the fires of outrage, so grab your popcorn and Maga gear and get fired up for one of the most popular programs on Fox News.  

Fox News Primetime with Jesse Waters | 2 Seasons | Fox News Live | Weeknights 7/8c 

Photo Courtesy Fox Network

One of the most beloved flame-throwers of Fox News, Jesse Waters is a knight in shining Armani, soldiering on as the mouthpiece of the Republican party, the voice of freedom and reason. Every evening, Waters gives viewers a fresh take on current events that are shaking up Washington.   

Feature Highlights: Jesse Waters features a range of correspondents that offer a passionate and fearless take on mainstream media, including Matt Walsh from the Daily Wire, conservative radio host Buck Sexton, and NY Post columnist Miranda Devine. 

Gutfeld! with Greg Gutfeld | 2 Seasons | FOX News Live | Weeknights 11/12c  

Photo Courtesy Fox Network

Welcome to the world of Greg Gutfeld, the court jester of right-wing politics and the favorite snarky misfit of Fox News. If you love bashing woke liberals and Democrats, you’re in for a wild ride. Every night Gutfeld delivers a swift kick to the left as he punches down on the fake outrage of armchair activists complaining on Twitter. Watch out all you Washington ‘Dumbacrats’ because Gutfeld is taking names and he and his panel of wisecracking rabble-rousers are coming for you.  

Feature Highlights: Have fun eye-rolling and guffawing at the ‘Libtards’ as his panel of scrappy troublemakers like writer and comedian Joe DeVito and Tyrus, the token black guy, dish on the latest political news of the day.  

Sunday Morning Futures with Maria featuring Maria Bartiromo | 8 Seasons | FOX Business Live | Weekday mornings 10/9c  

Photo Courtesy Fox Network

Start your day with a dose of straight-talking business sense with the finance maven of the Fox Business network. Host Maria Bartiromo discusses the latest market moves and Washington shake-ups with industry titans and economic experts. 

Feature Highlights: Business news veteran Maria Bartiromo gives viewers an inside look into top Wall Street headlines, giving them a jumpstart on making smart investments.  

Varney & Co with Stuart Varney  | 8 Seasons | FOX Business Live | Weekdays 9-12pm/ET 

Photo Courtesy Fox Network

One of the top-rated business news programs, Varney & Co features veteran anchor Stuart Varney and his expert analysis on the latest financial market and political headlines of the day. Tune in and get a head start on critical investments as Varney weighs in on newsmakers and industry disrupters.  

Feature Highlights: Varney discusses economic and political news of the day with a rotation of correspondents from the front lines of Washington such as Ohio Attorney General David Yost, Outnumbered co-host Kayleigh McEnany, and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. 

Making Money with Charles Payne | 8 Seasons | FOX Business Live | Weekdays 2/1c  

Photo Courtesy Fox Network

With a fresh perspective on the latest headlines from both Wall Street and Washington, economic expert and veteran news anchor Charles Payne wraps up the critical business news of the day. He gives viewers a snapshot of what to expect for tomorrow’s financial forecast.   

Feature Highlights: Host Charles Payne brings together industry experts to offer viewers an inside look into the best investing rules of financial heavyweights like Survest SEO Rob Luna, Kadina Group President Gary B. Smith, and more.  


“Heroes come and go, but legends are forever.”  

Kobe Bryant

Skip and Shannon Undisputed with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe | 6 Seasons | FOX Local | Monday mornings 9:30/8:30c 

Photo Courtesy Fox Network

When it comes to sports news, hosts Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have lots of opinions as they give viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the top headlines of the week. Whether it’s the latest shake-up in pro sports or off-the-field drama stirred up by star players, Bayless and Sharpe are ready for a huddle.  

Feature Highlights: Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Shannon Sharpe is ready for a Hail Mary when the debate gets heated, while host Jenny Taft moderates the discussions. 

College Basketball | FOX Local | Select dates and times

Here at Vidgo, you’ll never miss a game thanks to back-to-back lineups of your favorite college basketball teams featured on Fox, one of our most watched premium channels. Along with live NCAA college basketball games, Fox also features playback match ups for die-hard fans.  

Feature Highlights: Stay on top of your favorite teams as commentators give you a play-by-play of the game along with insider tidbits on off-the-court drama and insightful statistics.  

Photo Courtesy Wikimedia Commons


9-1-1 Lonestar | 3 Seasons | FOX Local | Mondays 8/9c | TV-14 

Photo Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

One of the most popular drama series on the Fox primetime lineup follows a team of EMTs as they juggle their personal lives with life or death situations in Austin, Texas. Starring Rob Lowe as Owen Strand and Liv Tyler as Michelle Blake, there’s no shortage of drama and good times, all while brave first responders suit up and save lives, one call at a time.  

Feature highlights: Created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Tim Minear, 9-1-1 Lonestar chronicles a father and son firefighter pair as they relocate from Manhattan to the Lone Star state.

Also starring: Ronen Rubinstein as Tyler Kennedy, Sierra McClain as Grace Ryder, and Gina Torres as Tommy Vega.

Family Guy | 20 Seasons | FOX Local | Sunday nights 9:30/8:30c | TV-14 

Photo Courtesy Fox Network

From the comedic genius Seth MacFarlane comes 20 seasons of Family Guy, featuring Peter Griffin as the snarky dad nobody ever wanted, along with wise-cracking Stewie, Brian the sensible dog, Lois (Alex Borstein) the kind-hearted yet somewhat misguided matriarch, plus their two kids Chris (Seth Green) and Meg (Mila Kunis).  

Feature highlights: After 20 seasons, Seth MacFarlane and his gaggle of animated misfits return for another round of hilarity against a backdrop of topical plot points.   

Also starring: Patrick Warburton as the voice of Joe Swanson and Mike Henry as the voice of Cleveland Brown.

The Big Bang Theory | 12 Seasons | FOX Local | Monday nights 11/12c | TV-PG

Photo Courtesy Wikipedia

Starring Johnny Galecki as Leonard and Jim Parsons as Sheldon, follow the hilarious misadventures of two socially awkward physicists as they mingle with Penny (Kaley Cuoco), the perky blonde next door. Hilarity ensues when nerd culture clashes with their casual, fun-loving neighbor.  

Feature highlights: Created by Chuck Lorre, the “King of Sitcoms,” get ready for hysterical one-liners, plus lots of nerd trivia like Star Trek, gaming, and science-themed shenanigans.

Also starring: Simon Helberg as Howard, Kunal as Raj, Melissa Rauch as Bernadette, and Mayim Bailik as Amy.

Rachael Ray | 16 Seasons | FOX Local | Weekdays 2/3c | TV-G 

Photo Courtesy Fox Network

America’s favorite sweetheart of home cooking, Rachael Ray brings viewers her beloved Italian-American recipes, plus practical cooking tips for any level home chef.  

Feature highlights: Have fun in your kitchen when you follow along with Rachael Ray’s recipe demos starring a rotation of special guests, which range from entertainers to top chefs and other celebrities. 

Along with access to premium channels like ABC, BET, Hallmark, Univision, ESPN, and many more, Vidgo subscribers can also enjoy the best in LIVE sports, local programming, 110+ channels, and 14,000+ trending on-demand movies and shows!  

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